Top 8 Chess Strategies that have been Proven Most Effective by many Players

Would you like to take your chess skills to another level?

You’ve probably heard that you can improve your chess skills by studying the opening strategies. The big question is:

What are the most important chess strategies for a beginner?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

If yes, then these eight Chess strategies that have been proved most effective by many chess players is all you need to get you out of the beginner level and help you win a few games.

The first and foremost thing that the aspiring chess player must understand is that chess is a game of coordination, a team game.

Your pieces and your pawns are your team. In fact, they are your army. You are their leader! Once this association is clearly understood, you will realize the need for coordinated actions.

If your army is not working as a team, having an overall plan of action, you will lose. Further, you will not even have a clue as to why you are losing. You will continue to be savaged by better-skilled army captains.

The principles have been proven.

The game of Chess is now over 1,400 years old. It is said that there are more books on chess than on any other sport in the world.

While it can be difficult to prove this, the argument is well taken. There is a lot of published books about chess. Right from how to play chess, strategies, planning, endgames etc.

Many of this wisdom can be reduced to a few well-honed principles of play – principles that you should know and keep in mind. The most important principles of play are those for the opening.

Let’s face it…

If you don’t know how to open the game, you’re liable to be crushed. The following principles DON’T guarantee safety but will act as a guide. They are:

  1. Start the game with the center pawn.
  2. Develop your Knights first before your Bishops.
  3. Don’t move your Queen very early in the opening.
  4. Always Castle early enough to safeguard your King.
  5. Move your Rooks to the center of the board or to open files.
  6. Only attack after you have fully developed your pieces to their best position.
  7. Always Capture towards the center of the board.
  8. If you ignore any of the above principles, your enemy will deal with you properly! 🙂

In summary, these opening principles are meant to help you with planning and coordinating your game.

You should always aim to control the center of the chessboard, mobilize your pieces, and with a well-coordinated motion, you can go for the attack and win.

Understanding these core strategies of chess will help you move from being a beginner chess player to an intermediate level. In fact, you will win a game or two.

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